Top 5 Ways To Get Back On Track After The Holidays

It is wonderful to be on holidays. You wish they never ended! But now you’re back. Bags are still unpacked. Souvenirs are on the table. Your tanned skin reminds you of sunny weather. You are watching the pictures. Maybe you have already shared them on Facebook with your friends and family. The reality hits you: you are not on vacation any longer. No wonder why having to get back into the routine of work or school can be a source of stress and discomfort. Feeling post-vacation blues? You do not want to keep doing what you had been doing before going on holidays? You are not the only one.

The good news is that the post-vacation blues may be overcome with a little bit of determination. So let’s make that happen!

1. Expect to feel a bit down after your holidays.
It’s completely normal to feel this way so be prepared. Try to come back home a little earlier, i.e. on Friday evening. Like this, you will have an entire weekend to get used to the fact that you’re not on vacation anymore. You may start diving into your daily life. Make a short plan of your next steps. A to-do list, if you will. What is necessary to do? Pay the bills, make laundry, go to the supermarket, check out your e-mails, visit your grandma. Start doing everything slowly, with ease. There is no rush. Take your time.

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2. Keep your vacation alive.
Who said the good time is over? The fact that you’re back home does not necessarily mean that your happiness is over! Amazed by the Thai cuisine? Bought that Thai cookbook? Start using it, cook! Danced salsa in Havana? Sign up for salsa classes in your town. Brought souvenirs from Morocco? Decorate your house with the lamps and Berber kilims you bought. Read books and travelblogs. Stay in the travel mood for longer.

3. Take care of yourself.
You must feel exhausted. Weird as it may sound, we are usually more tired after vacation than we were before we took the holiday break. Therefore, watch your diet and stay fit. Do not forget your daily exercise. Take a proper night’s sleep. Drink water and avoid alcohol for a while ;) Go for a massage or ask your partner to do it for you. A sound mind in a sound body…

4. Get in touch with people in travel mode.
You may have never expected this to work but it does. Why don’t you host travelers from all around the world? Or go for some organized meetings in your town, if it’s impossible for you to have guests at home. Meet new people and stay in touch with them. You may be surprised how this will broaden your horizons and create a new friendship perspective. Who knows? Maybe you will even get an invitation to Mexico? Wouldn’t that be nice?

5. Start planning your next trip.
There is nothing more exciting than having a next trip in mind. Who would bother about being back home if you are already planning another holiday? Get into research. Start saving up. Find cheap flight tickets and accommodation. Gather friends. Play project manager of the trip or just go alone (why not?). Another exciting adventure is waiting!

If you find this information could help someone – please share this post, everyone deserves to feel great after vacation time! :)

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