EveryDay is Coming Out of Beta!

We have exciting news for you!

Five months after we launched EveryDay public Beta, it’s time to share some information about what we’ve done so far and what’s going to happen next.


We’ve got a huge amount of great feedback, bug reports, wish lists and tons of just good words! That was really amazing! Thank you all for your engagement and patience!

With your help we’ve made EveryDay one of the most awesome and useful to-do apps ever.
And we want to make it better and more useful!

EveryDay grew up and became a family of apps to help you get organized. It’s a web app, mobile apps for Android and iOS and a Chrome Extension – easily synced together.

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The apps are free to use. And we want to keep them free!  We will only apply some limitations for the number of tasks and lists on the free version of EveryDay and additional features will be offered on a monthly subscription.

Now we are ready to announce, that EveryDay’s Beta period is coming to the end and we will be launching a premium version – EveryDay PRO next week!

EveryDay PRO is a set of premium features to help you improve productivity.

What are we working on now?
The following premium features are to be released first:

  • location based reminders (to remind you “where”, not “when”!)
  • iCalendar feed to let you access your Tasks from the calendar app of your choice

Right after we launch EveryDay PRO, we plan to gradually add more exciting features.

The first big premium feature we plan to release in June this year is Shared Lists – simple list sharing to allow collaboration!

What do we plan to do in the future?
We want to offer a lot of amazing features and improvements such as:

  • search engine and tags
  • file attachments
  • priorities and/or colors for tasks
  • task assignments on the shared lists
  • advanced recurring task options
  • UI/UX improvements based on your feedback
  • and many many more!

How much will EveryDay PRO cost? You can think of it just as inviting us to a cup of coffee once a month – just $2.99!

All our Users who registered before we launch EveryDay PRO will get one month of premium features free of charge! So for the first month the coffee is on us :)

If you like what we do and want to support our work you can also donate us on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform!


Thank you all!

Have a nice day and ♥ EveryDay!
The EveryDay Team


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