Welcome to EveryDay PRO!

Ta-da! EveryDay PRO is here!

We are more than excited to finally announce the end of EveryDay beta period and to launch EveryDay Pro!


EveryDay Pro is available as a Web App and for the Android App Users.
iPhone and iPad app with premium features will be published later this month in the AppStore.

Android Users can update to the latest version (at least EveryDay version 1.0) in the Google Play market.

Get it on Google Play

As promised, all Users who registered an account before June 9, 2014 will receive access to premium features for a month for free! Thank you all!

So, what’s new?

Location-based reminders (to remind you “where”, not “when”!)

Have you ever needed a reminder to do shopping while coming home from work? Or to answer emails from customers when you get to the office? Or maybe just to call friends when you visit their city?
No need to set the date and time! Only the place!
Here’s how:


Even through the EveryDay Web Application!

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 17.07.38

iCalendar feed to let you access your Tasks from the calendar app of your choice

Many of you have requested calendar integration. We respond to these requests with our awesome Calendar Subscription feature! You can view your tasks on your calendar app, including Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook and other calendars that allow you to subscribe by URL.

This option is available only in the Settings of the Web App, here:


Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 16.29.07

Just click on the “Enable” button, copy the generated URL and paste it onto the calendar app of your choice. Alternatively you can just hit the “Add to Google Calendar” button:

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 16.24.31

Free vs. Pro

What is the difference between Free Account and Pro Account? Please take a closer look at the versions’ comparison:

Cross-Platform Sync
web and mobile
48 48
Nested Sub-Tasks
organize with ease
48 48
Task Notes
add more details
48 48
Task Links
save links from web
48 48
Task Reminders
don’t forget about anything
48 48
Recurring Tasks
add once, use forever
48 48
Location Reminders
remind you at home, at shop, at work
1 Location Reminder
Number of Current Tasks
tasks per list
20 200
Number of Lists
your personal lists
20 100
Completed Tasks History
review what you have done
1 week 1 month
Calendar Integration
access your tasks via iCalendar
- 48

That’s just the beginning! The next big update will bring Shared Lists!
Stay tuned for the new features!

How much does EveryDay PRO cost? You can think of it just as inviting us to a cup of coffee once a month – just $2.99!

This is a one-time fee for one month access to Pro features. Subscription will not renew automatically. But it is possible to extend your Pro subscription for a few months upfront.
You can extend it at any time!

New here? Sign up for a FREE account here:


Have a nice day and ♥ EveryDay!
The EveryDay Team

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