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EveryDay for iPhone and iPad Released!

Great news! We proudly present EveryDay for iPhone and iPad!

After months of development we’ve finally did it! EveryDay for iPhone and iPad is finally released and available through the Apple’s App Store!

Living-Room-iPhone-5S-MockUp (1)Get it now for free! But it will not be free forever!

Starting from today we give you a couple of days of free downloading! Please share this to your friends and family! No time to waste! :)


Let’s see what we’ve got here.
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“Christmas is all around us…”

Christmas is coming! We all wait for that special time and we think about watching “Love Actually” again (don’t we?).

But before that we have a lot of things to do and we want them to be done well. To do it stressless, without missing anything, you need a great tool to organise that time. What tool – you’d ask?

EveryDay – of course. How? Very easily:

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The Importance Of Good Tools For Productivity

Have you ever complained about not being able to perform a task due to lack of good tools? It may have been a software, a wooden chair, a traditional Chinese dish or any other thing, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the fact that you’ve got the talent, you’ve got the instruction (or recipe) but you miss a certain tool to help you build / create / prepare the final product.

Flickr user: zzpza

Flickr user: zzpza

The reasons for this situation might be trivial:

- the tool simply doesn’t exist
- the tool is super expensive and you can’t afford it
- the tool is unavailable in your country / region
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Are Organized People Happier?

What a silly question I am asking. Of course they are!


Imagine one of the following:

1. Your boss from NYC is calling. He needs to review that important document produced last year. You didn’t classify it at that time. You just remember to have it saved somewhere on your computer. But where? And… what was the title? You need to use your Sherlock Holmes’ skills to find out. Eventually, you find the document but you’re super angry because you’ve lost time and energy which, let’s be frank, could have been avoided… Continue reading

4 Examples Of Using A To-Do App

Running all day long? Busy all the time? Do you remember to send that report, read the article online, call back your clients, pick up the suit from the dry-cleaner’s, bring your pet to the vet, go to the dentist, buy the groceries, book the flights to Paris? Oh, and you mustn’t forget: it’s your Mom’s birthday today… Yup, the list is not exhaustive. And the day is not over yet…

If you are not a passionate user of to-do applications (not yet, right?), why don’t you check out our hints as to when you may succesfully use a to-do application, such as EveryDay:

1. Daily duties

We all have a number of tasks to be performed each day. But each day is different and the tasks may not be repetitive. So how to make sure you’ll remember everything? You don’t always take your notebook or post-it papers with you. But you always have your smartphone in hand. Uff! What a relief!

- a list of tasks to do today
- a shopping list
- a list of ideas.
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