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5 Awesome European Touristic Spots You’ve Never Heard Of

So you’re a traveler and eager to discover the world. You have visited most of the big cities or just planning to. Why then should you be bothering to “waste” your time on smaller cities, towns or villages while there are other popular places to be? Exactly. That is why. Do something different than a regular tourist! Don’t just go to popular places. Leave your comfort zone. After all, it is just another place, only less touristic and, most probably, cuter. Usually, local people are more friendly there, hospitable and more likely to help you in case you are lost or in need.

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Brace Yourself! Long Weekend Is Coming!

So you have this long weekend perspective. Yey! Finally!
Are you going to spend it with you friends or family? In the city? In the countryside? By the lake? At  the seaside? Whatever your plans, make sure to prepare the weekend beforehand so that you can  completely relax and enjoy your time off to the fullest. By prepare we do not mean any detailed planning and sticking to that plan at all costs. No. What we want to highlight is the fact that once you are more or less organized, your brain will allow you to focus on fun and well deserved rest.

EveryDay private stock

EveryDay private stock

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