“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”

Sometimes we feel the steps we take towards reaching our goals are not big enough. We are quite demanding and strive for more. More and better. While it’s good to be ambitious, it is also important we set up realistic and reachable goals.

But what does it mean that the goal is realistic? Well, it only means you shouldn’t be planning on becoming a data architect if you’re not computer literate. On the other hand, strive for something more than just a low hanging fruit. If your objectives are easily reachable then you will definitely lose interest in achieving them. You will simply get bored. And then again, obtaining a “piece of cake” will not make you happy and fulfilled. At least not this cake! So be objective and reach out for something that is a challenge for you.



While fighting with your tasks, make sure you reward yourself each time you reach your intermediate goals. Surprised? Nah, you shouldn’t be. You will notice how your motivation rises. Seriously! Whether you are trying to lose weight, build an online application or learn Chinese, it does not matter! Be kind to yourself and thank for the effort input so far. Buy yourself a drink or a bar of dark chocolate, go for a walk by the beach, meet up with your friends (spend more time with them this time!) or… it’s up to you, whatever makes you happy. You will feel great even while still working on your goal. Isn’t that awesome? Maybe you will even change your convictions about achieving goals in general? Because it doesn’t have to be connected to sweat and hard work. Just don’t stop and keep moving forward. You’re doing a great job!

So… challenge accepted?

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