6 Weird Things To Boost Your Creativity

Creativity is declining. It’s a fact. Sometimes we just need a kick to wake up our inner creative child. Here’s a list of six weird things to boost your creativity:

1. Go and work from a coffee shop from time to time

Sitting in a new environment, observing people and listening to various conversations may inspire you to start seeing things from a different perspective. If you’re a writer or a blogger, for instance, you may want to get an additional flash of inspiration. Coffee shop is the place to be.


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2. Listen to your favorite music

Some people are just not able to work or think in silence. They say that something is missing. Put on your favorite songs. Not only will they help you feel relaxed but also you will activate your brain to do more creative stuff. It has been proved that listening to music stimulates neurons.

3. Switch to dim light mode

Recent studies have shown that dim light may spark your creativity. When you feel tired, get yourself comfortable and change the lightning in the room. Your eyes and brain need a boost.  Varying the conditions you work or live in might help you find a creative solution to your problem by seeing it from a new angle.

4. Fight routine

Every day is a new day! It really is. Take up new things, new tasks, new projects. Even if they take you only 15 minutes daily, you will go through a fresh experience. Avoid boredom. Be proactive. Learn to knit, read about Australian beaches or go for a walk in the area you usually don’t visit. Just make sure you do something different every day.


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5. Whatever you think, think the opposite

Put your thoughts upside down from time to time. Change the perspective drastically. See the outcome. Get amused. Get surprised. Laugh. Write it down. Paint. Who knows, maybe some of the ideas will turn into reality? It is a powerful tool people tend to underestimate.

6. Daydream

Yup! As weird as it may sound, just go with the flow and lose yourself to dream. Daydreaming, called mind wandering as well, allows for the incubation of ideas. But is it really worth “booking” time for this activity? Perhaps you will be better off daydreaming when your mind tells you so.

What are your ideas for boosting the creativity? Wanna share?

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