Brace Yourself! Long Weekend Is Coming!

So you have this long weekend perspective. Yey! Finally!
Are you going to spend it with you friends or family? In the city? In the countryside? By the lake? At  the seaside? Whatever your plans, make sure to prepare the weekend beforehand so that you can  completely relax and enjoy your time off to the fullest. By prepare we do not mean any detailed planning and sticking to that plan at all costs. No. What we want to highlight is the fact that once you are more or less organized, your brain will allow you to focus on fun and well deserved rest.

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EveryDay private stock

Here’s a bunch of things to tick off your list so that you are ready to hit the road:

1. Invite your friends / family. We all know that saying “the more the merrier” but… be careful! Too many travelers may turn your weekend getaway into a package tour. With you as a tourist guide! ;) It’s important though to know how many people are willing to go so that you are able to make reasonable plans for the weekend.

2. Choose a place to stay and make necessary reservations. If it’s a popular holiday time during the year, chances are that it is going to be hard to find accommodation if you don’t take time to book your room or campsite in advance.

3. Organize logistics. Will you be going there by train, by car, or maybe by plane? Buy tickets in advance so you don’t have to rush 10 minutes before the train leaves the platform. If it’s easier for you to take a car, make sure to pack there as many of your friends as possible. Split the cost. Sharing is caring. Also, it’s way better for the environment.

4. Check available amenities and also activities that could be performed in the area of your destination. Will there be a football pitch, badminton field, kayaks or bikes for rent? Any nice places to see or visit? This will help you get a bigger picture of what possibly you will be doing during your long-awaited time off.

5. Make a shopping list and buy the products prior to reaching the place of your destination. This is especially useful if you’re planning to camp by the lake where there are no such amenities as supermarkets or grocery stores. Again, split the costs.

6. Once there, don’t use your technology gadgets. Don’t pick up the phone from work. Don’t scroll Facebook or Twitter pages ;) Focus on the here and now. Focus on your closest ones. This is probably the only occasion they can have your full attention. So give it to them.

7. Just relax and enjoy! It’s going to be fun!

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