Inspiring People. Are You Looking For Them?

Are you looking for an inspiration in life? What makes you feel inspired? Or else, WHO makes you feel inspired? Is it this friend who travels the world as a backpacker? Is it your colleague who has just quit his job he didn’t like and is now opening his own company? Is it your cousin who decided to move to Singapore? Or is it this young neighbor who is involved in the charity projects in your area? Whoever they are and whatever they do, we may feel inspired by their actions. What makes them so special? Why do we admire some people more than others and want to be like them? And most importantly, are we able to be an inspiration to others, too?

Flickr user: The U.S. Army

Flickr user: The U.S. Army

Let’s see what it is that makes some people look special in our eyes:

1. They do things others wouldn’t normally do.
This could be quitting a stable job, going hitchhiking through Europe, jumping with a parachute or writing a book. We admire these people because they have courage to change their lives and go beyond their comfort zone. They are not afraid to take a huge step forward. Whatever the risk. It seems they live their lives to the fullest. And sometimes we are envious because we lack of this kind of courage.

2. They act. They don’t wait.
Whatever the plan is, inspiring people stick to it and don’t postpone things. Basically, they don’t procrastinate. They are optimistic and do believe in each project they get involved in. They are not afraid to fail. Moreover, they understand that each failure is a valuable lesson learnt. They also embrace change because they are flexible and always see something positive in every situation.

3. They help others without wanting anything in return.
Inspiring people are typical altruists. They engage in various charity initiatives because they want to help others. Whenever asked for help, they never leave anyone in need. They believe that what goes around, comes around.

4. They are active listeners.
Have you noticed how great you feel in their presence? It’s because inspiring people are caring and when they ask you a question, they actually listen to the answer. They show they are interested in the conversation and they fully focus on their speaker.

Flickr user: AnneCN

Flickr user: AnneCN

What is your opinion? What is it that makes you feel particularly inspired by someone? Or maybe you’re already an inspiration to others? Wanna share?

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