Back To School

Yup! Even Google is reminding us today that the summer time is over! But hey, let’s not be nostalgic, every change brings something positive. Even if you or your kids (if you have ones) do not feel like coming back to school or university, we assure you that you will soon get used to the new situation. Coming back to school or work after holidays might be stressful. Sometimes there are many new things to face: new teachers, new friends, a new outfit, a new schedule or maybe even a new school. What we do tend to forget though is how exciting it is to start a new chapter in our life!



When I was a babysitter in Paris as a student, I remember this first day at school of the seven year old girl I was taking care of. She was all excited about going back to see all her teachers and friends. She had a new dress, a new backpack, new books… She was awake before 6am, so much she couldn’t wait to leave the house. I was laughing at her. I thought to myself: what a crazy kid! I wish I could stay at home and play on the computer. What’s so cool about going back to school?
Well, for her it was stimulating. She was missing her friends and teachers. She was missing the atmosphere at school and her ballet classes. She was missing writing down in her new notebooks and learning new things about the French history and geography.

Are you surprised? I am not. Kids are generally open, flexible and ready for challenges. Even if they seem unhappy with some change at the very beginning, they accommodate to the new situation in the blink of an eye. What’s more, they get excited about the new which is something inspiring. The older we get the harder it gets for us to adapt to all the new circumstances.

Think of the positive aspects of each situation.  Come up with the advantages. Don’t be pessimistic. What new can you learn? Who can you possibly get to know or meet that will make a positive difference for you? How will this impact your life? In other words, how can you benefit from the new situation? You won’t wait long for the positive outcome. Once you see the effects you will soon realize the change was needed and that going back to school was one of them :)

Just make sure to:

  • get enough sleep
  • eat a healthy breakfast
  • keep fit and exercise
  • be open to changes and new acquaintances
  • keep a sense of humour.

And everything will go smoothly! Good luck :)

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