Stop Fighting With Procrastination

Procrastination has become quite a famous word recently. For those who struggle with the definition (I know you know what procrastination is, but just in case…), let me just mention that it is a habit of putting tasks off to the last possible minute.

Flickr user: Reynante Martinez

Flickr user: Reynante Martinez

While on the Internet you will only find hints on how to fight with it or how to overcome it, we will tell you to stop fighting with it and here’s why: most of us procrastinate to some degree. So stop beating yourself up. Let go. If you have been procrastinating for the past days, weeks or even months, there must be a reason. Bear in mind one thing: dwelling on your past is a waste of energy. Take a deeper look into the reason of your procrastination. It may be the fact that you hate what you do, you are scared to do what you need to do, you are tired or lazy, or you simply do not want to do what you are supposed to do. Identify the reason and act upon it.

1. If you’re scared or don’t want to do the thing, don’t. Nobody can push you to do things you don’t feel like doing (be it cooking, marrying someone, losing weight, learning how to play tennis or going abroad because of the job). It does not mean you will NEVER do this thing. It may only mean that you are not ready yet. Don’t force yourself. The right moment will come. Or not.

2. If you feel tired or lazy, take your time! Rest. Get lazy as much as you can. Most probably your body is telling you something you didn’t want to hear. Allow yourself those moments of “dolce far niente”. When your brain is relaxed, it is more open to new fresh ideas. Go on vacation, meet a bunch of creative people that are fun to be around, read a book. You might soon notice that some positive energy is growing inside. And remember that it’s not necessity but laziness that is the mother of invention ;)

3. If you hate what you do or where you are… well, stop that immediately. This may be your job, university, the relationship you’re in, the country you currently live in, etc. You will never be good at something you don’t like or even hate. You’ll never be happy or satisfied doing those things. The secret is to do what you love. When you do what you truly love, you show your passion. People around you appreciate what you do because they see you care. It’s in your eyes. Have you ever felt so immersed in a task, that you lost the sense of time and space? That’s what I’m talking about! Once you’re “in the zone” you just cannot stop. It’s the flow. If you are following your passion, you will be so eager to work and you’ll enjoy every minute of it. Choose carefully the projects you want to be involved in.

Life’s simply too short to spend it on something that doesn’t make you happy.

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