Stop Being Hard On Yourself

Are you always happy with the way things are, with the outcome of your projects, with your looks, or with the way you are progressing in your career? Yes? Excellent! Congrats. You are one of the luckiest people on the Earth :) No? Check out what you can do to start accepting yourself and overcoming perfectionism.

Flickr user: kamsky

Flickr user: kamsky

We cannot change other people or the past. And that is what sometimes makes us mad and frustrated. We unnecessarily stress about things which we cannot change about ourselves either. Meanwhile life happens! And you know what? Life’s too short to wait until things are perfect. Don’t you think?

So how to overcome this life obstacle? How to accept yourself and just enjoy life?

1. Accept what you cannot change.
While there is something you cannot change like the fact that you are 1,60 m tall instead of 1,76 m, or that you have just been laid off from the company where you spent the last 10 years, it’s important to notice that you can change YOURSELF and the way you think about all these circumstances. Realizing there is something out of your control is the key to success. Learn to accept. Enjoy your life even when things aren’t perfect.

2. Don’t beat yourself up.
Yes, maybe you need time to process the changes and accept the way things are. But do it step by step, one day at a time. Be nice to yourself. Don’t be harsh, be your best friend.

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3. Keep a gratitude journal.
This may sound funny but it’s indeed a great way to keep a reminder of all the good and positive things in your life. Regularly write down three things that went well each day. This may include meeting a good friend of yours, accomplishing a very demanding task, baking your first chocolate muffins, or any other achievement or positive circumstance you’d like to have repeated.

4. Separate from the negative.
If you identify a channel of negative thoughts, close it. Having a whining friend or cousin who gives you headache or makes your day unsupportable may create unnecessary stress in your life. You don’t need any of this. It is said that every word and experience form beliefs and then those beliefs shape our thoughts. Remember that beliefs can be changed and it’s totally up to you.

So… stop being hard on yourself and enjoy life!

Any other tips you’d like to share with us?

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