4 Examples Of Using A To-Do App

Running all day long? Busy all the time? Do you remember to send that report, read the article online, call back your clients, pick up the suit from the dry-cleaner’s, bring your pet to the vet, go to the dentist, buy the groceries, book the flights to Paris? Oh, and you mustn’t forget: it’s your Mom’s birthday today… Yup, the list is not exhaustive. And the day is not over yet…

If you are not a passionate user of to-do applications (not yet, right?), why don’t you check out our hints as to when you may succesfully use a to-do application, such as EveryDay:

1. Daily duties

We all have a number of tasks to be performed each day. But each day is different and the tasks may not be repetitive. So how to make sure you’ll remember everything? You don’t always take your notebook or post-it papers with you. But you always have your smartphone in hand. Uff! What a relief!

- a list of tasks to do today
- a shopping list
- a list of ideas.

2. Work / business duties

Overloaded with work in the office? E-mails, meetings, brainstorming sessions, presentations, calls to make, reports to prepare? Ouch… Sounds familiar? How not to get lost in all your duties?

- a list of tasks to do
- a plan for your week
- a meeting agenda
- a list of brainstorming ideas
- a list of things to say during your meeting or presentation.

3. Event organization

Are you planning a birthday party? Or maybe it’s time for you to get married? Congrats! Now. All you need to do is to plan all the details. You may create an unlimited number of lists. Each list may contain an endless number of tasks or items. As you wish! Check what’s been done so you don’t have to bother anymore.  Use the app and have the details in hand. Always. Everywhere.

Create a list of things:
- to take care of while organizing a party, a wedding or other family celebration
- to organize a movie night with friends.

4. Leisure activities

Who doesn’t do 100 things at a time nowadays? While jogging, listening to the music, cleaning the flat, commuting, cooking, or whatever it is that we do, we tend to multitask. Sometimes we just need to note down some ideas that come to our mind spontaneously. Sometimes we don’t have time to review the article we’ve just found. If we do not note it down instantly, chances are we will easily forget and never get back to it. Give yourself an opportunity not to miss any of those.

Create a list of:
- your spontaneous ideas
- things to write on your blog
- books / articles / news / e-mails to read
- things to pack when going on holidays
- places to visit on your holidays
- baby names (if you or your spouse is pregnant), etc.

That’s not all, folks! You may also store your lists on all your devices (computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones). You may add due dates, links or other interesting attachments. Mark e-mails you want to read later. Use the Google Chrome extension to store interesting links and their descriptions in your to-do list. Share your lists with family, friends or co-workers!

Look, life’s easy with a to-do app, such as EveryDay!

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