How To Stay Motivated To Do Workout

So you’ve decided to take up some sports. Congrats!

You should be happy with your decision.

Now. Are you going to execute this idea? Are you going to stay motivated along the way? How to make sure you will not give up after your first move (or even before!)?

Flickr user: tejvanphotos

Flickr user: tejvanphotos

Here’s a bunch of tips from our team who stays fit and recommends you the same :)

1. Just start.
Planning is good. Planning is nice. But if you don’t start executing your plan, even the most beautiful one will die! We know you’d like to run wearing those brand new running shoes you will soon buy but… seriously! Start! At least, go for a walk. Wear your old shoes for now. It may be the case that the new pair of shoes is just an excuse for not starting…

2. Start using technology.
Yup. You heard us. Start using a mobile app to track your progress. This way, you will know how good you are doing at your favorite sport discipline. You will also be able to share your results and small successes with your friends. Most probably you will be motivated by them because they will see the progress you’re making and will be cheering you.
You may also set reminders on the to-do list on your mobile. This way you won’t forget about your “sport duty” :)

3. Don’t force yourself.
You are not a titan. At least, not when you’re just about to start your adventure with sport ;) So keep progressing gradually. When your body hurts it may mean you are doing too much effort. Or you just need a longer break between your workout trainings. Be careful.

4. Find a buddy.
As we already mentioned on our blog, it’s a good thing to find a friend who will keep you motivated because… you will motivate them, too! Plus, doing things together is great fun!

5. Eat healthy stuff.
Sport is great but remember about healthy food. It’s important to eat well. You are what you eat. Further comments are needless ;)

6. Realize the differences.
Have you lost weight since you started your workout? Do you feel more fit now? Sexier? Are you less stressed? Do you have more energy and a better mood? See? Keep up with that trend. Recon you live a better and healthier life. Don’t go back. Keep going this way and celebrate each small success.

Flickr user: Skistar Trysil

Flickr user: Skistar Trysil

7. Become a fitness addict.
Once you realize how many positive aspects of staying fit there are, you will not want to lose the effect you obtained. Your self-confidence will get boosted. Because if you can achieve this challenge, you can achieve pretty much anything. This should be the message you want to give to self.

Any workout addicts out there? What advice would you give to newbies?
Happy to hear your voice :)

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