Something About Changing Perspective

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your life isn’t going to change overnight.


What you can do is to change your perspective.

Ok, let me get into details as this may sound irrational for some of you.
Changing perspective is changing the way you think about the world around you.
Say, something nasty happened to you, like… you’ve been laid off from work. You’re angry, perhaps even devastated. You don’t see any bright future right now. Everything is sad. World is unfair. Nobody can help you. Your family relies on you. You cannot disappoint them. Now the frustration has grown into a bigger size…

After your anger has calmed down a little, you start thinking more rationally. Ok. You’re unemployed. You’ll have to find another job very soon. But you’re still furious. You’re not able to forget what’s happened to you. You transfer the anger on your day-to-day behavior. It is not only you who suffer but also your family.
It’s visible. You go for interviews (if you get lucky enough to get the invitation) and you demonstrate being resentful. Even if you don’t say that, your body will!

But hey! What am I talking about, right? You have a valid reason to be upset. Something bad happened although you did not deserve that. You’re now trying your best to fix this. At least, this is what you think you’re doing…

succeed-everydayDo you believe that with such attitude you’re going to succeed anytime soon? You need to stop whining about what has happened. You need to accept that fact. Because you are not able to change the past. It has happened. Period. Now time to move on. The sooner the better. Look at things objectively. We haven’t been given anything once and for all. Panta Rhei. Everything changes. Now look at the opportunities the “situation” brought to you:

- how you and your family may benefit from the current situation?
- what is it that you’ve always wanted to change but had no guts to act? do it now
- were you performing your dream job? no? check if your dream job is not available to you right now
- you were dreaming about “changing something in your life” but it was too “stable” to “ruin” it, maybe now is the time?
- your family complained about you working too hard, they were never seeing you home, how about you spend some quality time with your closest ones? maybe now is the time?
- etc. etc.

I don’t want to whisper the answers here, you know best. Just sit down and think. Think about how the situation has or will affect you, but in a positive manner. Try to see the opportunities. Leave the past in the past. Think about the future now and how you may influence it. Start thinking differently!

What if…

…the time of your life has come? Right now?
…life is giving you the opportunity to finally introduce changes in your life but you’re not seeing it?
…it was supposed to happen this way to open your eyes on something else?

Think different this time. Open your mind to new opportunities coming along your way. Take the challenge. I like to think that what happens to me is not meant to kill me but to enrich my life, to actually show me life from different angles. And you know what? I accept that. Life isn’t always a bed of roses but it never was and never will. Just take the lemons it gives you and… grab tequila and salt :)

I gave you a job example but this may be something totally different in your case. The rule of changing perspective applies everywhere so feel free to practice!

Now I’ve got a small surprise for you:

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