24 Hours Of Your Life

Remember our posts about productivity and distractors?

We all struggle with finding time to accomplish all the tasks from our to-do list every now and then. And it is no secret that it’s impossible to manage time. You have 24 hours daily at your disposal. Just the same amount of time as I have, your boss or the president of the US. It’s totally up to you how you will manage these hours. If you waste them, well… there’s no way back.

But here’s the good news: you can learn how to spend time properly so that you accomplish all your duties and won’t regret wasting your time. First step to success is to realize how much time you actually have because 24 hours is just an illusion. And this post is about this very first step.

Let’s start with the obvious (and inevitable): you have to sleep, eat, drink and take care of your hygiene. The studies (available on the internet) show that we spend around 10 hours daily for the mentioned activities. Obviously, if you tend to sleep less (and you’re happy with it!), then I can only congratulate you. You have been granted with some additional time to spend on other tasks and duties. Lucky you :)

Now. Most of us work. Some of us work on our own, meaning we can spend as much time on work as we want to. This allows for unlimited number of options to manage the day. If you’re a workaholic, then I imagine you could spend those remaining 14 hours only on work. Fair enough. But be careful as this may destroy you sooner rather than later. Make sure you also take time to do some sports and see your family and friends.

If you’re a happy full-time employee, then your options are a bit limited. Many companies nowadays allow their employees to work from home though or at least the employees are given a somewhat flexible schedule. This way, people can spend more time with their families instead of wasting time while commuting to the office.

For the sake of keeping it simple, let’s just assume we spend 8 hours daily at work (of course I keep in mind some of you work more, including myself, some work less).

So… what’s left? 6 hours. Again, only theoretically. Because there is commuting, shopping, household stuff etc. But still. 6 hours. Not much? Some of you will say that it’s a lot. You see? It’s very subjective. Many of you will spend those hours on Facebook or other social media. Others will enjoy their time with their kids, partners, pets… Some other people will spend their “spare time” in bars or doing some sort of leisure activities, such as sports, movies, travelling, art…

And you? How do you spend you “free time”? Any plans to change it? :)

Check out this nice infographic prepared by Funders and Founders.where-we-spend-life

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