8 Secrets Of Being Super Organized At Work


Flickr user: rmlowe

Flickr user: rmlowe

How’s your plan for this week? What plan, you may ask. Ai ai ai… not good! How will you know if you are effective if you don’t have a plan? The plan is in your head? Great but do you remember everything you have accomplished or had to postpone for later? Not curious to analyze if you’re a successful time planner? Remember that good time management increases productivity what, in turn, may translate in better salary and career advancement.

Check out our 8 secrets of being super organized at work:

1. Set your goals, but be realistic.
If you’re planning to build a rocket in a day, just forget it. First of all, you won’t accomplish what you have planned. Secondly, you will surely lose your motivation to do things and excel your skills. It’s great to have a vision as well as clear goals. Don’t forget to make them achievable though…

2. Be effective, not busy.
How many times have you heard from someone they were extremely busy? Like all the time? Do you think it’s a sign of success? Not necessarily. It may also mean they are bad at time management. They take too much on their shoulders, they are not assertive and they start many things at a time and are not able to accomplish even one. Beware. Learn to manage your tasks.

3. Tidy your workspace.
No wonder why you aren’t able to focus on your tasks if your desk (or other workspace) looks like a total mess. Take time and clean it up.

4. Time is money.
There aren’t 24 hours in the day… It’s an illusion we explained in our recent post… You need to realize how much time exactly you have for a given task. Any required deadlines from the superiors? This will definitely help you prioritize.

5. Prioritize.
Rate your tasks according to the importance and urgency. Start working on the most important and the most urgent tasks. You’ll take care of the rest later.

6. Delegate.
If you’re not able to take up all the tasks from your list, delegate them to your colleagues. In addition, if the task is not important nor urgent, it won’t matter if it’s you who accomplishes it or someone else. So don’t worry. Just make sure this doesn’t happen too often.

Flickr user: ryantron

Flickr user: ryantron

7. Don’t multitask.
As mentioned earlier, starting too many tasks at a time is not really effective. Try to focus on one thing, give 100% to accomplish it and then move to another one.

8. Make a to-do list.
This way you won’t forget what you need to do. You’ll have everything organized. You may control how you plan and manage your time. Try out a mobile app, like EveryDay Tasks.

Any other tips from you? How do you make sure you stay organized? We’d like to hear your opinions, too.

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