Are Organized People Happier?

What a silly question I am asking. Of course they are!


Imagine one of the following:

1. Your boss from NYC is calling. He needs to review that important document produced last year. You didn’t classify it at that time. You just remember to have it saved somewhere on your computer. But where? And… what was the title? You need to use your Sherlock Holmes’ skills to find out. Eventually, you find the document but you’re super angry because you’ve lost time and energy which, let’s be frank, could have been avoided…

2. It turns out you luckily found a buyer and will be selling your house (or anything else for that matter). This is great news. Oh, wait. You’re unable to find the document stating you you are the owner of the house… You start searching through the whole place. The documents are flying around. It seems you get a little nervous, too…

3. You never note down your to-do lists. Because you tend to lose the notes anyway, so what’s the point of keeping the lists. Your head is full of things to remember, to do, to take care of later. In the evening, at home, you realize that you haven’t accomplished most of your tasks you were supposed to. It’s because you simply forgot. Now they will add up to the ones you need to take care of the following day. Great :/

Can you relate? Have you ever been in a similar situation?

All this additional stress can really be avoided if you spend some time on organizing things around you. Being better organized can help you relieve stress as you will not unnecesserily waste your time and energy. Sounds logical, doesn’t it?

Keeping things in their dedicated place can bring you peace of mind and sense of order. Not only will you save your energy next time you look for something but also your self-satisfaction will increase. How? Well, naturally, if you get more done, faster, you experience a strong sense of accomplishment. You gain some extra time which you can spend on something else. Wouldn’t you feel satisfied with such an outcome? I would! :)

What about people who are better organized? They tend to earn more money and get promoted more often, too.

So, let’s summarize. Organized people have more time for their closest ones, for sports and other leisures activities. They tend to earn more money and get promoted more often than their colleagues. Organized people are less stressed and have a sense of accomplishment.


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