The Importance Of Good Tools For Productivity

Have you ever complained about not being able to perform a task due to lack of good tools? It may have been a software, a wooden chair, a traditional Chinese dish or any other thing, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the fact that you’ve got the talent, you’ve got the instruction (or recipe) but you miss a certain tool to help you build / create / prepare the final product.

Flickr user: zzpza

Flickr user: zzpza

The reasons for this situation might be trivial:

- the tool simply doesn’t exist
- the tool is super expensive and you can’t afford it
- the tool is unavailable in your country / region
- you don’t know how to use the tool (the least likely to happen, assuming you’re an expert).

Sometimes we do not realize that we need a specific tool. Simply because we’re not aware of its existence. In this case either someone will let us know about the tool or we will discover it on our own. Whichever the option, it’s important we keep our minds open like parachutes. Trying new things might be exciting. It may turn out that the newly discovered tools will change our lives for better and nothing will be the same again.

I still remember having tried using a water vacuum cleaner for the very first time. It was mind-blowing! I would have never known how to use it if all its functions haven’t had been showed to me. Washing sofas and armchairs with a vacuum cleaner? Spraying a beautiful scent around the room with a vacuum cleaner? Swiping off the liquids from the floor with a vacuum cleaner? Say what? Yet, it was a breathtaking discovery. My parents spent a fortune to get this wonderful machine and you know what? They have never regretted the purchase. The vacuum cleaner has been with us for over 15 years now and it still works perfectly fine. Imagine all those regular vacuum cleaners we would have bought over the years. Not to mention the functions which they… do not have.

Yes, good tools make our lives easier. And they don’t have to be expensive to be a valuable asset in your hands. Always look for alternative. Test and try out new things. Once you try, you may never want to switch to your old habits. Yup, that’s the risk. Imagine though how the discovery may change your life for better. Great solutions are around the corner.

And if you are unable to find the solution that suits you? Build your own! Not only will you benefit from it but you may greatly help others with your product. This is what actually happened with the EveryDay application. It was born to serve our team as we were unable to find a suitable solution. So we created our own. We hope you’ll enjoy using the app just as much as we do. Life’s easy with EveryDay!

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