The Power Of Optimism

Are you a natural born optimist? And first of all, is there such a thing? Can optimism be learned?

Yes, it can! Each of us can learn to become optimistic.

And no. Optimism is not something you were born with. It is a learned behavior (or habit). So this is good news, isn’t it? It means everyone can learn it.

But let’s start from the beginning. Optimism is a belief about the future. Optimists believe the future will be somewhat good, positive. They are obviously aware of difficulties that may occur but this fact doesn’t stop them from thinking positive about the final outcome.

Photo credit: Flickr user bob in swamp

Photo credit: Flickr user bob in swamp

As mentioned, optimism can be learned. But hey, this doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process which requires a lot of work and will. First step to success is realizing what the advantages of being optimistic are. Then, you need to assess where you are on your pessimism/optimism scale and start acting.

Let’s go with the benefits. It is no surprise that optimists are believed to succeed in their endeavors faster than their colleagues or friends. They tend to recover faster. They eat healthier. They are happier. They live longer than pessimists.

So what’s their secret? It’s simply about perspective! How’s that? Well, the optimists see obstacles as challenges. They see opportunities while others see threats and risks. It may be the same problematic situation but the optimist will easily see the ways out while the pessimist will only whine about it and do nothing. You see the difference?

An optimistic person is always looking for the best in any situation. He/she tends to believe that things will turn out well. Even if a bad thing happens, an optimistic belief has a positive impact on such a situation. It’s easier to cope with a difficulty.

It’s not as challenging as it may seem to become an optimist. Just stop dwelling on the past. Life is too short to be sad and troubled. Start changing your perspective and thoughts. This, in turn, will translate in better quality of your life experience.

Have you read “Who moved my cheese?” written by Spencer Johnson? This tiny little book reveals the secrets of optimistic thinking while it was actually written for people dealing with change. Check it out! You’ll definitely will want to change your perspective.

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