How To Deal With A Big Change In Your Life?

“Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.” Karen Kaiser Clark

So you have made this big change in your life. Or it has just happened naturally. Maybe out of a sudden. Maybe it’s a positive change. Maybe not. How to deal with a big change in your life?

Flickr user: +gAbY+

Flickr user: +gAbY+

First of all, you need to realize that changes happen. Whether it is starting a new job, getting married, moving to another city (or country) or loosing 10 kg. Remember that big changes are needed when you are stuck. Changes are good if creating new energy and opportunities. Life is too short to stay stuck in one place.

Second of all, acknowledge and accept your feelings. Things will be different from now on. How do you feel? Are you happy with the changes? Are you sad? Are you scared? Are you optimistic? Realizing how you feel is a big step towards getting used to the new situation. Just bear in mind that you are not your feelings. These may simply change tomorrow or the day after so there is no reason to punish yourself.

Similarly, ask yourself these three powerful questions:

1. What opportunities are there for me thanks to this change?
2. What exactly can I learn from this situation?
3. In which ways will this change impact my life?

Cannot get the answers right away? Don’t worry. It may take some time to answer them. Wait a couple of days. Then repeat the exercise. Doing any better now? Try to think clearly and note down all your observations. Be objective and enumerate only facts. Now take a look at the list. How do you feel about your possibilities? Anything else to be added there? Does your outlook look optimistic? Exciting? Ask your friend or family member if they would add anything more. They might see things from a different angle and it’s wise to take into consideration various perspectives.

Everything changes. It’s natural. But we forget this, constantly. See what a difference YOU can make and be an inspiration to others.

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