“Christmas is all around us…”

Christmas is coming! We all wait for that special time and we think about watching “Love Actually” again (don’t we?).

But before that we have a lot of things to do and we want them to be done well. To do it stressless, without missing anything, you need a great tool to organise that time. What tool – you’d ask?

EveryDay – of course. How? Very easily:

You can start from creating special christmas list. Write down everything you have in your mind – shopping, cooking, guests, gifts!


When you’re looking for some gifts, you can use your app. If you’ve found something that you think will be suitable…


but you don’t want to buy it immediately, you can share it…


via EveryDay.


And voilà. You won’t miss it!


But not only smartphone is smart. You can share your ideas via Chrome browser.


You’ll have everything on your desktop.


Now you’re safe. And can be sure that everything will be perfect on Christmas. Good luck!

And Merry Christmas!

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