EveryDay Beta for Everyone!

We’re more than happy (and proud) to announce that we’ve finally launched EveryDay Beta for everyone!


As you’ve probably noticed EveryDay is a simple to-do and task management app. We offer you a Web Application, Chrome Extension and Android App. And iOS App is coming soon too!



First of all we’d like to thank all of current beta testers for their support! Thank you!

To begin with we’d like to share some tips about what EveryDay can do for you!

You can create lists of tasks with subtasks. And subtasks can have their child subtasks too. And so on and on… Isn’t that cool?

You can do it by dragging and dropping tasks or using keyboard shortcuts ([Tab] and [Shift] + [Tab]) to allocate items as subtasks or move them between lists!

To create and edit your list in even shorter time, you can use the following shortcuts:

  • The [Spacebar] will mark your task as completed. And if the task has some subtasks, use the spacebar key to unroll and roll them back.
  • [N] adds a new task at the top of the list.
  • [Shift]+[Enter] adds a new task under the active one.
  • Button [L] adds a new list at the top.
  • Press [E] if you want to edit task title quickly.

Another cool thing is our innovative Orange Plus Button.

To start adding new tasks in any place you like, just try to drag and drop our Orange Plus Button. It’s that easy!

If you’d like EveryDay to remind you about something just set an alert for this item. You can even set tasks to repeat in cycles. If you’re using a modern browser you can be notified about the tasks through your desktop notifications.


Android App and Web App are fully synced. You can do the same things on your smartphone or tablet as you do in the web browser. And one more thing – now you can add tasks using by your voice!

Just try out gestures we prepared for you – double tap, swipe, drag and drop etc. For example: to delete or rename list just double tap on its name/title. Have fun in discovering others gestures.

Watch our short Android Tutorial

For Android users there are desktop widgets to let you add tasks instantly.


Our Chrome extension is a really useful tool! Try it to add weblinks as tasks to read them later. This is very convenient feature when you are working on something and gather information from the web.

Check also “Add to EveryDay” option on the “mouse right click” menu. You can even select some text and add to your task description with one (well, actually two) click(s)!

Another handy feature is adding your GMail emails as tasks to reply to them later. If you open an email in your browser you’ll find an EveryDay button there :)

sign up

Sign up now and start managing your tasks with EveryDay!

Regardless of whether you’re a veteran test user or just signed up, do test the EveryDay Beta and let us know if there are any rough edges that need smoothing.

If you enjoy using EveryDay, share your experience with your friend and rate our app in the Google Play and Chrome Web Store.

Have a nice day and ♥ EveryDay!
The EveryDay Team

2 thoughts on “EveryDay Beta for Everyone!

  1. Julie

    I am a serial to do list writer. I used to carry a small notepad around with me, but for the past 5+ years I’ve been trying to find a good app to use. I’ve literally tried hundreds of apps over the years, but I wasn’t able to find the RIGHT one. Some were too simple (just a list of words) while others had too many features for the app to be efficient and boost my productivity. For quite some time now I lost faith. I didn’t think that I’d ever find a suitable task app. Until I found EveryDay. Your app is simply PERFECTION. I love everything about it from the multiple lists, to the reminders, to the subtasks (and everything else). I think the best feature is the fact that if effectively syncs my lists and tasks across both my Android phone and Apple iPad. On top of all that, the web version is extremely helpful. I use the web version to keep track of items that I’d like to purchase, articles that I’d like to read, plus tons of other things. I was also excited to hear about the “add to EveryDay” button in Gmail, however I don’t seem to have this button. Is there a special setting for this feature? I played around with my settings as well as the Chrome extension settings, but I haven’t found a solution. Please get back to me and let me know how I can get this feature. I’ve only had your app for a few days now, but I already know how much I love it and you guys. I have been so much more efficient by using EveryDay. Is it weird that I’m excited to go to work on Monday so that I can start using it there?! I get this warm feeling inside when I use the app. Haha! For real though. Keep up the good work. And please…. fill me in on the Gmail button! :)

    1. EveryDay Post author

      First of all we’d like to thank you for all your feedback and ratings.
      That’s a huge pleasure for us and we’re so very happy to get such a nice feedback!

      As for the problem with the button GMail, it is sometimes necessary to refresh the GMail window in your browser. We’ll try to fix that issue.
      Gmail Button appears only inside of an e-mail message, so that you could add it as a task.

      We’d love to help you with any other issue and we’re listening to all your suggestions and opinions, so feel free to contact us!
      We want to make EveryDay even more useful and fun!

      Have a nice day!


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