Long-Awaited Task List Widget For Android Has Arrived!

We have just released a new update of EveryDay Android App. Among many improvements and bug fixes that has been made one new long-awaited feature has come.

Ladies and gentlemen, The List Widget!


Now you can access all your tasks without running the app! Put as many widgets as you like on your Home Screen. You can select from LISTS and DATES whenever you like.

android_3Orange Plus Button allows you to add tasks on the desired list. That’s especially cool when you work on the DATES views ie.: “Week”. Try this, you are going to love it!



Access to your task details is just a piece of cake. Just tap on a task and details view will show up. Try swiping left or right on the task detail view. Cool huh? :) Back button lets you back to the Home Screen.

Clear completed icon lets you to hide completed tasks. You decide when to clear and that’s easy. No sudden task disappearing!

List Widget is offered as a one time in-app purchase. You can buy it in the Google Play by putting the widget on your Home Screen.

Buy a widget, be more productive and have fun! And support our development of EveryDay! :)

Get it on Google Play

8 thoughts on “Long-Awaited Task List Widget For Android Has Arrived!

  1. Jeremie Vincke

    Very nice and long awaited addition.

    Yet I’d love to have the possibility to make the background widget totally transparent.

    Regards !

  2. Carlos Parker

    I’ve waited for long time ! Great!

    But,… i have to use version 0.86.3 ,because i cannot get updated from google play . , for China user, we cannot get any app that contains something needed to pay. and so sad i have not found updated version from Chinese third-party market.

    i’ll grateful if you can attach the updated apk file to an email.

    1. EveryDay Post author

      Thank you for your feedback. List widget is available as an in-app purchase and as you mentioned in-app purchase is not available in China – unfortunately.
      Currently we do not have a solution for this problem. We are not familiar with any Chinese third-party market.

  3. Jeff Therrien

    Love the app. Very clean, nice to use. Any plans for calendar features? Even being able to get an ical feed of the task list would be great.

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  5. iprospl

    it’s a brilliant app Very simple and helpful app it is really keeping focus on some important meetings and schedule for my work that’s what I was in searching from long time thanks for your feedback…
    for (iprohabit.com)


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