EveryDay for iPhone and iPad Released!

Great news! We proudly present EveryDay for iPhone and iPad!

After months of development we’ve finally did it! EveryDay for iPhone and iPad is finally released and available through the Apple’s App Store!

Living-Room-iPhone-5S-MockUp (1)Get it now for free! But it will not be free forever!

Starting from today we give you a couple of days of free downloading! Please share this to your friends and family! No time to waste! :)


Let’s see what we’ve got here.

A simple and functional to-do app with a clean and minimalist design. We believe in Dieter Rams’s Ten Principles For Good Design. Especially the last one: “Good design is as little design as possible”. Our approach is to try to fulfill all these principles. And we want to help you to focus on what needs to be done.


EveryDay for iOS the most valuable features are:

  • fully drag and drop list interface – move your tasks and create subtasks freely!
  • start adding new tasks in the place you want, just drag and drop our Innovative Orange Plus Button
  • hierarchical trees of unlimited tasks and subtasks
  • swipe right to mark as done/undone
  • swipe left and modify fast!
  • double tap on a task to edit inline! (supports continuous adding too!)
  • hide completed tasks
  • view hidden completed tasks
  • and of course synchronization with our EveryDay Web App


Now you can visually plan your week on your iPhone! To add a task just drag and drop our Innovative Orange Plus Button on the day you want (on the DATES/Week view)! Easy? Easy. Cool huh? :)


And it is iPad ready too!


We’ll discuss more features later. Now it’s time to check it out!

Our mission is to give you the most useful productivity tools. Your feedback is a very important part of that mission. Let’s be in touch!



FREE for a limited time!

4 thoughts on “EveryDay for iPhone and iPad Released!

  1. Alex

    Great app!
    Waiting for improvements in hotkeys in the web app (sent you few feedbacks:))

  2. Tomer

    I love the idea of following the Todoist clean graphical design – you’ve got the opportunity to copy the best from them, improve all their wrongs (many! I can link you to many feedback posts I’ve written there and nothing was improved upon them) and come up with newer cooler stuff!
    Good luck, I’ll be following “everyday”, but must admit, it still lacks many things I need, so will keep on using toodledo+pocket informant, as it is the most comprehensive solution still.
    Good job guys, off to a great start!


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