Share your lists, EveryDay!

Yay! Now you can share your task lists with others!

Isn’t it cool? Share your shopping lists, books to read, movies to watch, holiday trip plan with you friends and family. It’s easy and it’s fun!


Let’s act together! Invite your family and friends.

To invite someone to your list you just need an email address. New users will be asked to register for a EveryDay Free Account and the others will get an invitation notification. Every person that you invite gets an invitation via our notification system and (or – this is an option!) email. As a list owner you’ll get a notification if someone leaves your list. EveryDay Free Account lets you to have one shared list shared with one person. If you have upgraded to EveryDay PRO you can invite up to 5 people and you can have up to 20 shared lists! Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 14.31.56 Cooperate and share your tasks

Add tasks to shared lists as you normally do. Let it be a grocery shopping lists or a holiday trip plan or even a small project! Cooperate and communicate more easly! After syncing all members of shared list will see the same. Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 14.21.48 You are the boss here!

Only the owner of the list can add and remove list members. If you create a list and share it with your friends you can be sure that no one else is going to be a member without your knowledge. But of course you can leave others lists at any time.

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Carry on!

Do not hesitate and try it out! Invite your friends and family, do more doing less! :) The “Shared Lists” feature is available for EveryDay Web and Android. iOS users need to wait for this a little bit. Android Users can update to the latest version the Google Play market.

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Have a nice day and ♥ EveryDay!
The EveryDay Team

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