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How To Stay Motivated To Do Workout

So you’ve decided to take up some sports. Congrats!

You should be happy with your decision.

Now. Are you going to execute this idea? Are you going to stay motivated along the way? How to make sure you will not give up after your first move (or even before!)?

Flickr user: tejvanphotos

Flickr user: tejvanphotos

Here’s a bunch of tips from our team who stays fit and recommends you the same :) Continue reading

How To Get Back In Shape

Have you ever struggled with getting back in shape after months (or even years) of life without physical activities? Or maybe you’re struggling with this right now? If this is the case then read on the article and share with your friends to get them inspired, too.

1. Start slowly, gradually. But do start.
Rome wasn’t built in a day. So remember that it takes time to get back in shape. Do not get discouraged though. Just start. The rest will come along the way. And what if it’s extremely hard for you to start the workout in general? Wear the exercise clothing and just go out of the house. Go for a walk. Do start. It will only get easier. Continue reading